Thursday, May 25, 2023

Sewing with Embrace Double Gauze

Getting ready to use some of our delightful Embrace fabric for your summer wear? Here are some tips from Shannon Fabrics. 

Sewing with EmbraceTM Double Gauze

EmbraceTM double gauze is a woven, breathable, soft, and lightweight fabric. It’s made from two layers of gauze, a light fabric with an open weave, that are basted together every inch. This basting forms a subtle grid over the entire fabric and allows the two layers to act as one. Our double gauze gets softer and softer with every wash.

• For most uses, we recommend machine wash in cold and hang dry or tumble dry on low. • Prewash to achieve maximum crinkle prior to cutting.
• Take advantage of the fray when it works for you (e.g. scarf edges, hemlines, etc.).
• Double gauze loves steam and presses well.

• Use the gridlines of the weave to get straight cuts.
• Use tailor’s chalk or water soluble markers rather than clipping notches.
• Use a lightweight interfacing as needed, sew-in recommended.
• Use a new 70/10 or 80/12 sharp needle to avoid snags.
• It’s preferable to choose loose-fitting clothing patterns, shaped with gathers rather than darts. • Use French seams, serge your seams or zig zag.
• A narrow rolled hem on the serger is a great finish for edges and seams.
• Glue-basting works well for both apparel and blankets.
• Seam tape is a good option on shoulder seams and other stress points.
• Stay-stitching is extra important because double gauze likes to grow.
• Use nice sharp pins; glass head and silk pins are great choices.
• Lightweight silk or wool batting or flannel for batting in quilts.
• Shorten your stitch to 2.0 or 2.5 and reduce tension to avoid fabric pulling.
• You may want to use starch or sizing to give it stability.
• Cotton lawn or voile works well for facings and linings.

Notions we recommend with EmbraceTM double gauze

• Universal needles size 70/10 or 80/12 (SCHMETZ) • Mark B Gone fabric marking pen (Dritz)
• Scissors with serrated top blade (Kai 7250SE)
• Best Press or spray starch

• Seam Remover (Kai)
• Sew-in interfacing
• Knit Stay Tape
• Long pins designed for fine fabrics

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