Thursday, August 26, 2021

Premier Snow Cone Yarn Crochet Jellyfish

Create amazing sea creatures and plush toys using Premier Snow Cone yarn! This soft yarn retails at $7.99 and is available in a variety of pastels including cool blue, mango, green apple, and more! Premier Snow Cone yarn is perfect for making plush toys like this adorable jelly fish which you can create at home using this free pattern.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Yes You Can Quilt with Cuddle Fabrics


Courtesy of our favorite Supplier, Shannon Fabrics.

Catching the quilting bug is a very real thing, but pair that with catching the Cuddle® bug, and there’s no turning back!

But why quilt with Cuddle®?

It’s surprisingly durable and plenty soft for all-day comfort, and its heavier weight and higher pile has been embraced wholeheartedly by quilters and sewists for its cozy, ultra-soft feel with no break-in period. Simply put, it’s irresistible — right from the beginning!

And while any of our Cuddle® and Luxe Cuddle® fabrics work well for machine quilting, our extra-wide collections have been embraced by quilters who both quilt exclusively with minky and those who use minky as the backing for their cotton patchwork quilt. It’s also great for applique and for quilt binding!

This week Teresa stops by Sew It Up Bernina on her Sew Together Tuesday “On the Road” tour to discuss all things quilting and Cuddle®, including recommended notions, some of her favorite projects, longarm quilters in the US, and more.

Happy sewing (or rather, quilting)!


Recommended Notions for Quilting with Cuddle® Minky Fabric

These products and fabrics can be substituted for whatever works best for you, but here is what Teresa recommends for quilting with Cuddle® minky fabric:

  • 45mm rotary cutter - OLFA or blade (SAC-1 - OLFA)
  • 90/14 stretch machine needle – SCHMETZ (domestic machine)
  • 18/110 Needle — SCHMETZ (long arm)
  • Fabric clips — (Wonder Clips - Clover)
  • Felt tip marker
  • Flower head pins – Clover
  • Glide Thread — Fil-Tec
  • Micro serrated scissors – Famore
  • Point turner
  • Polyester thread — (Metrosene - Mettler)
  • Quilters Select Poly Request Batting
  • Self-healing cutting mat — OLFA
  • Stiletto and pressing tool — ByAnnie
  • Walking Foot

Recommended book: 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

New Fidget Poppers

 Just arrived.  Lots of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Paint by Number back in stock

 We have the best selection of titles and subjects available for the last several months.  Try a new one today!

Ready for a Halloween Costume?

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