Monday, January 25, 2021

How to Sew a Luxe Cuddle Hooded Infinity Scarf

Fabrics and notions you’ll need to sew a Luxe Cuddle® Hooded Infinity Scarf (Darcy Infinity Scarf tutorial)

These products can be substituted for whatever you have on hand, but here is what Teresa recommends for her Luxe Cuddle® Hooded Infinity Scarf tutorial:

Fabric requirements:

  • 1-yard Luxe Cuddle® OR two ½-yard cuts Luxe Cuddle®
    • Luxe Cuddle® Heather Quartz (one-yard version)
    • Luxe Cuddle® Glacier Viola and Sparkle Cuddle® Glitter Viola/Multi (two ½ yd. cuts version)
    • Luxe Cuddle® Glacier Viola and Luxe Cuddle® Chinchilla Iris (two ½ yd. cuts version)

Suggested notions:

  • 45mm rotary cutter (OLFA) OR blade (OLFA SAC-1)
  • 90/14 Stretch Needle (SCHMETZ)
  • Felt tip marker
  • Flower Head pins (Clover)
  • Hand sewing needle (optional)
  • Polyester thread (Mettler® Metrosene)
  • Self-healing cutting mat (OLFA)
  • Stiletto and pressing tool (ByAnnie's)

Instructions for sewing a Luxe Cuddle® Hooded Infinity Scarf (Darcy Infinity Scarf tutorial)

  • Trace around pattern with felt tip marker then cut out. Cut two layers together if using a rotary cutter (one layer at a time if using the blade).
  • Make sure to transfer markings. Teresa added two additional marks at the fold.
  • Instead of the usual ½” seam allowance, this pattern calls for a ¼ seam allowance; you can straight stitch, zig zag or serge.
  • Hand sew or zig zag turning gap closed, then top-stitch.
  • Try mixing different fabrics together: different Luxe Cuddle® fabrics in the same color; mix Luxe Cuddle® with Cuddle® 3; or make it extra luxurious with one side made of Luxe Cuddle® Seal.
Video Tutorial

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