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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

How to sew a super comfy pair of slippers with Shannon Fabrics

This weeks Sew Together Tuesday, Teresa Coats shares her tips on how to sew a pair of slippers using Cuddle and Luxe Cuddle fabric. These slippers are easy to complete and you can customize them to match your favorite pair of pajamas! Below you can find the link to the pattern, supply list, tips, and a step-by-step video on how to create your own pair of comfy slippers!

Get the PDF downloadable version of the pattern Here 

Suggested Notions and Fabrics to Sew a Pair of Slippers

These products can be substituted for whatever you have on hand, but here is what Teresa recommends for her minky fabric slippers sewing tutorial.


  • ½ yd outer fabric (Luxe Cuddle® suggested)
  • ½ yd. inner fabric (Cuddle® 3 suggested)
  • ½ yd. Slipper Gripper for sole
  • ½ yd. cotton batting or ByAnnie's Soft And Stable® (optional)


  • Sleeper Slippers pattern
  • Polyester thread
  • 90/14 Stretch needle
  • Tracing paper/interfacing (optional)
  • Stiletto
  • Flower head pins
  • Small blade scissors

Tips for Sewing a Pair of Slippers

  • For easiest construction, use a Cuddle® 3 or a Luxe Cuddle® such as Chenille, Weave, Brooklyn for the outer slipper.
  • For the lining, use a Cuddle® 3 for the sides (the U-shapped piece).
  • For the sole lining, you can do all sorts of things: use a Cuddle® 3 by itself, quilt Cuddle® 3 to Soft And Stable® or batting, use Luxe Cuddle® Sherpa or Luxe Cuddle® Llama.
  • If wanted, you can add embroidery detail to the front toe of slipper prior to cutting or add a ribbon after sewing.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

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How to Sew a Minky Fabric Stocking

 Shannon Fabrics National Educator, Teresa Coats shows us how to construct a stocking using cuddle minky plush fabric. Choose classic reds and whites or mix it up with some colors! Below you find the supply list, tips, and a step by step video from Teresa on how to make it!

Fabrics and Notions You’ll Need to Sew a Minky Fabric Stocking

These products can be substituted for whatever you have on hand, but here is what Teresa recommends for her stocking sewing tutorial.

Teresa used these fabrics for her sample:

  • Digital Cuddle® Midnight Deer
  • Antlers Cuddle® Navy
  • Cuddle® 3 Snow
  • Cuddle® 3 Ivory
  • Luxe Cuddle® Seal Snow
  • Silky Satin Solids

Tips for Sewing a Minky Fabric Stocking (with AccuQuilt Die)

  • Cut up to two layers of Cuddle® at a time.
  • Lay Cuddle® wrong side against the blade to cut.
  • If using Luxe Cuddle®, cut cuffs individually with scissors (rather than the die).
  • When using Luxe Cuddle® for the cuff, use one layer and leave a raw edge.
  • Fuse interfacing to Cuddle® (optional) with a medium heat iron and a pressing cloth.
  • Quilt Cuddle® 3 prior to cutting to add visual interest.
  • Add appliques such as the AccuQuilt Gingerbread Cookie die.

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