Thursday, January 16, 2020

Color Theory Class

If you ever wanted to know more about Color Theory and its terminology, how to utilize the color wheel to select your quilt colors, or to just practice your color selection with a hands on exercise, then this is the class for you. 
This class will start with a lecture and explanation of color theory and how it comes into play in your everyday world, from how to select colors for a quilt to how color is used as a marketing tool by companies to encourage population purchasing. Once we have covered the basics, we will use hands on exercises to put these terms into reality by selecting fabrics as real life examples. 
It's going to be fun! So bring a friend - or two. See you in class!

Class is scheduled on January 24th from 10:00-2:00

Registration - $24

Stop into Clubb's Fabric Store or call us at (970) 874-3596 to reserve your spot!

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