Friday, April 17, 2015

Kumon Learning Books


Clubb's now carries a large selection of the famous Kumon workbooks in our children's book area at the front of the toy department.  Kumon Workbooks are based on the same learning method used to help over 4.4 million children succeed at Kumon Centers worldwide.

Kumon Workbooks and Educational Products introduce basic learning skills to children aged 2 and up. Subjects covered include early learning and fine motor control skills; verbal skills; and math skills.

THE KUMON METHOD is what makes these workbooks so unique and effective. This Method is a proven learning system developed to help each child reach his or her full potential. Concepts are introduced in a step-by-step manner that allows the child to master each in turn without getting frustrated. Before long, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

KUMON PUBLISHING has more than two decades of experience and editorial expertise in creating products that are fun and educational. Our illustrations engage and delight children, and we use only the highest quality paper and full-color printing. Kumon Publishing has established itself as one of the world’s premier educational publishers with strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Here is a list of titles we are stocking.  Go here for an intro the the learning method.  Go here for a chart to see how the workbooks are designed to build your child's learning path. Come to Clubb's and try a workbook or two.

Sunflower In My Heart Collection by Kate Spain

 This collection has arrived and we have patterns and fat quarter bundles available now.  The patterns are pictured below.  Stop by and see ...