Friday, September 26, 2014

Scan N Cut Cutting Machine is at Clubb's



Click anywhere on the image above to go directly to Brother's video.  After several years of research and experience with die cutters, computers, scanners, and other cutting machines we decided to stock and sell this machine.  No computer is needed and there is no need to download expensive image files.  And this cuts almost all the materials the crafter uses:  paper, vinyl, stencil material, fabric, and card stock.  The video is great but stop by to see it in action.  We will be posting projects and ideas soon as we get more time to work with you and the machine.  And you have the choice buying the machine or using ours.  Watch for that announcement here and on our FaceBook page soon.

National Creativity Day-May 30th

Get those creative juices flowing and stop on to Clubb's to pick up your supplies. Whether it be painting, scrapbooking, assembling mode...