Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

photoYes, we are closed today, Thanksgiving Day 2013, November 28.  Hopefully you will be enjoying the day with friends and family, or helping someone else do the same.  We thank our Lord for all His blessings to us and especially for His saving grace through our Lord and Savior Jesus.

See you tomorrow, Friday November 29, for our Christmas Cheer Sale!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sling Faux Fur Bag

From our friends at Sew Kind of Wonderful, we pass on this great project.  Clubb's Fabrics has many beautiful faux furs and suedes to use with this pattern.  We also have a new selection of genuine leather hides as well.  Click on the pic to go to their site for a free pattern - then come to Clubb's for the fabrics and notions.  By the way, try our yarn department for scarf yarn and free instructions.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Your Questions…. Answered

We have noticed lately, with the closing of other fabric stores in the area (3 over the past 3 years), that we see more fabric shoppers.  Wonderful!  We hope to see you again, and again, and  ….

We welcome your suggestions and try to incorporate as many as possible.  Sometimes the suggestions take a little more urgent tone and we need to explain some answers.  Here goes:

"A lot of stores have closed - are you going to close?"

We have no plans to close.  It's a natural conclusion in a rapidly changing marketplace to assume that more store closings will follow the latest wave.  However, we haven't been paying attention to the closings.  Instead, we have been meeting with manufacturers, designers, and their representatives and are busy buying more fabric and constantly improving our store for you.  Even with the recent openings from the chains and even more online retailers, we know they do not offer the selection and hands on shopping experience that can be offered in a retail store contained by 100 year old bricks and mortar.  So keep coming to visit, shop, and buy and we will be here for you.

"Where is all the fabric?  You don't seem to have very much quilting fabric."

It's all there in the store.  We have no fabric warehouse in the basement, offsite location or other hiding place.  It is displayed, NO!  PACKED into gondolas because we have so much.  All 3000+ pieces - yes that is correct.  We don't keep an exact count because, thanks to you, some come and some go on a daily basis.  We would love to have it out on beautiful tables and cute little cupboards.  But we didn't think you came to a fabric store to buy tables or cupboards - you came to buy fabric.  So we have a lot.  Buy some.  The salespeople and companies we buy from actually question us sometimes because Delta is a small town in the middle of a sparsely populated area.  We tell them just to ship it and quickly so we can buy more.  Next question please….

"Why do you have all this 'other' fabric?  You might start cutting your quilting inventory!"

Isn't going to happen.  See the first question.  Besides, we are staffed with quilters that wouldn't let us.

"Can I use my Quilt Guild card to get a discount?"

This is a tough one because we talk about it every time we price something and that's every day.  Just so you know, if you don't work at a private business or have never tried to sell something to pay expenses, the store has to make a profit.  That is the way the staff is paid, the light bill, taxes, and etc. are satisfied.  And that is the only way we can buy more fabric.  So we could put one figure of profit on the items or we could put a higher price so we could mark it down for you.  We would rather mark prices at a fair everyday price and regularly advertise lower prices to introduce a new line and give an opportunity to buy into a quilt or other project at a low price - for everyone.  We appreciate the wonderful guilds and all the work they do to keep the craft alive and tell them regularly with advertising and donations for their meetings and shows.  Giving a discount to one group of customers just means charging a higher price to another group.

"Do you offer classes?"

At the present we do not.  We have a few skilled and wonderful folks who would like to teach and hopefully will putting their skills to use soon.  In the meantime, please let us know more about what kind of class you would be willing to take.  You can contact us by message here.  Or just let us know next time you are in.  Diana, Coeta, Sue, Carolyn, or Christine would be glad to add your suggestion to our list in order to better structure a program.  We can and do answer a lot of questions and solve problems in the store.  So stop by and let us help you solve a problem, start (even finish) a project, and buy some fabric.  See you soon!

What is Cheese Paper?


Finally, cheese storage made simple!  Formaticum cheese paper is specifically designed to keep cheese fresh and delicious.  Our two-ply cheese paper simulates the cheese cave environment.   It’s time to start treating cheese like any other highly perishable product – and that means proper handling and storage

There is a common misconception that cheese can last for long periods of time.  Not true! Most cheese has a finite shelf life.   Only whole wheels of cheese are aged.  Once a wheel is cut into retail-sized pieces, the cheese is much more delicate and susceptible to rapid deterioration.  This is when proper handling and storage can mean the difference between eating vibrant and delicious cheese or dead and rotten cheese.

And where would you expect to find cheese papers?  Clubb's, of course.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fast Turn Turn tubes explained

Fast Turn tubes are one of the handiest tools we have seen in the last twenty years of buying notions.  However, their use can be perplexing.  If you don't have time or opportunity to stop in, take a look at the video:

Rainbow Loom and Bands are here!

RainbowLoom1 RainbowLoom2

The hottest trend right now - we have plenty today but hurry in...reorders are arriving weekly.  This is the original and genuine Rainbow Loom - not a 'me too' product.

Ready for a Halloween Costume?

 Wow - it's beginning to be Fall, and sewers know Halloween is just around the corner.  Get started on a great costume for yourself or a...