Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spider Web Decorating


Webcaster gun

Halloween Night is a Thursday this year and that is close enough to a weekend to go all out on decorating.  The Webcaster gun is just the tool you need.  The video below shows how easy and effective it is.  We have been 'decorating' in the store for the last two days to show you what can be achieved.  Buy the gun with some starter web material for $39.99 or rent ours for a day for $10 with a $20 deposit ($20 due at rental with a $10 refund returned).  Only $5.99 for a package of web material that will cover the average porch with more spider webs than you can believe.

Please read all the instructions before using and follow them while using.  The Webcaster gun requires  110 volt house current and 45 to 90 psi air from an air compressor via the standard connector.

Webcaster Gun Tutorial

Linen, Herringbone, Denim, and Chambray in stock

It may not even be summer yet, but now is the time to head in and pick up the material for your fall wardrobe. Pictures aren't much here...