Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's all about the Fabric!

No doubt it is a time of turmoil in our nation and our local area as well.  We learn of  changes in stores and families we have all grown to depend on for goods, services, and support.  We thank them and wish them well in their new lives and directions.  Be assured that you can count on us for a large, dependable selection of fabric and supporting products at reasonable prices with convenient hours and assistance by friendly, competent, salespeople.  We thank you for your compliments, your criticism and helpful suggestions, and especially for your purchases throughout our 43 years in Delta.  The headline says it is about the fabric, but it is really about you.

Linen, Herringbone, Denim, and Chambray in stock

It may not even be summer yet, but now is the time to head in and pick up the material for your fall wardrobe. Pictures aren't much here...