Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Weather is perfect for flying - Rockets!

Summer is finally here and conditions are great for rockets. If you haven't tried model rockets from Estes or Quest, we can help. Model rocketry is an inexpensive way to build skills with young people and have fun. Start with our new kit from Quest. It includes an easy to build model that anyone can build (with a little time for glue and paint to dry with help from an adult), and the launch equipment. Add a fresh set of alkaline batteries and an open area with little or no wind. We tried this some years ago and had every kid within half a mile watching us by the third launch. The new Quest kit (compatible with Estes) includes all you need to get started except batteries. We recommend you take some extra engines and a 'field kit' for your first flight. The Quest kit pictured is only $29.97 from Clubb's in our model and hobby department. Good to go, ready to launch!

Ready for a Halloween Costume?

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