Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another great BBQ tool

This is a tool we sell that is too good not to brag about. And it would have saved the forgotten pork ribs I left in my smoker all last night (a little dry by morning). This is from Outset and has several options for use. It includes two probes and can be set with two alarms at different temperatures. No more guessing with time and temperature. Simply set the alarm for the appropriate 'cooked' temperature and go about your other duties (or not, if the hammock nearby is available). The alarm will tell you when the proper temp has be reached without under cooking or over cooking the expensive cuts you splurged on for your feast. Compare prices elsewhere (we are less than $60) and you will find we have a good price with no waiting or shipping.
[caption id="attachment_1098" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The remote clips on your belt, apron, or lazy hammock up to 100 ft away."][/caption]

Flag Day

Happy flag day! On this day, we remember and celebrate the adoption of the American Flag back in 1777.   Our garden flags are 12.5x18" ...