Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Minced Garlic

Minced garlic is back.  This easy to use and economical way to enjoy and keep garlic is a delight to cooks, chefs, and backyard cooks everywhere.  We discovered this buy at a show some years ago and it became one of our most popular food items.  Fresh garlic is minced and stored in water.  Open the jar and simply measure out what you need, when you need it, without messy tools.  Enjoy full garlic flavor that simply isn't available from the garlic powders.  Compare the price to the tiny little jar carried at your grocer and you will be very pleased.

You will find this in our spice section of the food and candy department at the Variety store at 502 Main.  Because of freight consolidation, we receive these shipments only two times a year, so don't delay.

Strip Therapy

Okay, as you can see from the picture, it is not what you think.  Oh, and the 'therapy' comes from spending a day or two preparing this top in a cool basement on these hot days.  This design from Brenda Henning comes to us from the Bear Paw Productions 'Bali Pop Strip Therapy'.  Using strips and an innovative cutting technique, the design incorporates lights and darks for a textural contrast that comes off beautifully.  We have books and kits with these fabrics.  Or buy the book and let us help you with your own color creation.  Thanks Michelle for another beautiful quilt.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fishing was Good - and the eating....

These beautiful trout tasted even better than they looked.  Buy a package of two alder wood planks for $9.99 and enjoy smoked flavor right from your gas grill.   You can use these with chicken, beef, or pork - but trout and salmon are especially delicious.  This method was first used as the fresh catch was pegged to wood slabs and stood up near the evening or morning campfire.  Soak the planks in water for an hour, spread a thin layer of olive oil on the top, and place on the grill for a few minutes.  Then place as many as will fit.   Put the grill lid down and regulate temperature of your grill to 350º to 400º in the dome.  In about 30 minutes the meat should be flaky.  Remove and enjoy.  Place your planks in a bucket of water safely to extinguish and cool immediately.  Use as long as they can stay together on the grill.

You will need to catch your own fish.

9-Patch Pizazz

Michelle has created another beautiful quilt top with Pretty Poppies from Michael Miller.  Using the new 9-Patch Pizazz book, she has placed the Miller fabrics in concert with each other with co-ordinating solids set inside an ultra black border.  We can 'kit' this top for you, or help with a different selection of fabric.  This pattern also lends itself to appliques on top of the patches.

Come see it in person!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweethearts Candy for the Fourth

Remember those sweet little candy hearts only available at Valentines Day?  Now we have them for Independence Day.  If you need a sweet treat for the weekend or a party item, try these.  Made by the Necco company, they support the USO for our troops.

Sunflower In My Heart Collection by Kate Spain

 This collection has arrived and we have patterns and fat quarter bundles available now.  The patterns are pictured below.  Stop by and see ...