Loving Vincent Movie and Sale

After premiering at the Telluride Film Festival this year, “Loving Vincent” will not make it to a theatre on the Western Slope that we have found before the video release. You may want to find a theatre in a larger city if you are traveling.  In the meantime enjoy the trailer and shop Clubb’s for your art supplies.  Art supplies from his namesake ‘Van Gogh’ supplier will be on sale in November.

YouCAN Refillable Air Powered Spray Can

Jacquard’s new YouCAN is a refillable air powered spray can that looks and feels just like a regular aerosol can.  It can be filled with ANY liquid and used over and over again.  Simply fill the can with the medium of your choosing, pressurize with a bike pump or compressor and spray.  When it runs out, start overland do it again.  Can be used with dyes, paints, inks, adhesives, water, cleaning solutions & more.  It does not contain propellants or solvents & can be used indoors without odor or fumes.  $25.99 ON SALE while supplies last $19.99

Blast Off for the 4th with Estes Rockets

Buy one, GET ONE FREE!

1928 Buy One, Get One Free from Estes Rocket kits.  Many kits are included.  In addition over 20 more kits on sale including these launch sets:  LGM, 1929 Red Rider, 9708 Mammoth, and 9709 Trajector. The launch sets are an even greater value because the launch pad and igniter are included.  Pick up some rocket engines and a 4 pack of AA batteries and you are ‘good to go, ready to launch’.

Free kit must be the lesser price of the two purchased and this sale is subject to stock on hand.

Bible Journaling Guide


Now in stock in our new department. Bible journaling is the powerful and popular new way to engage with scripture through art. Complete Guide to Bible Journaling is today’s go-to guide for the latest lettering, drawing, painting andcrafting techniques for bringing God’s word to life. Learn aboutall the different types of tools that leading Bible journaling artists use to connect their faith with creativity. Inspirational profile and gallery sectionsfeature more than 40 outstanding artists who are leading the way in today’s  Bible journaling social media, with over 250,000 combined followers.

Bonus section!
More than $50 retail value:
300+ stickers, including a
complete set of books of the
Bible tabs, 50+ vellum overlays,
and 50+ colorable, traceable
designs on thin stock.