Skunk Odor Remover

Skunk Odor Remover.

"They keep calling me Spunky, or is it Skunky?"

What would a streak of gray be coming in our door and bouncing off every attractive surface like a ball of St. Elmo’s fire?  A Weim puppy who has just got too close to a striped kitty.  Last night, we were reminded again why it is important to have a big bottle of this stuff handy for the inevitable skunk hit.

The enzymes will destroy the musky odor faster and more effectively than any other treatment.  Use it quickly and liberally on dog and surfaces for quick action.  See the directions on the bottle and test on surfaces before using.

Clubb’s carries the quart and gallon sizes at a low everyday price.  Be prepared and pick up some today.

New ‘ruffling’ yarn here now

The supply on these yarns is tight but we are receiving more everyday.  Nearly every brand is offering more and more.  Coats, Bernat, Premier, and Berocco have yarns shipping to us soon.  These pictures show most of what we have in stock today (some of it was picked up as the photos were taken).  Hurry and try some especially at prices lower than the reports we have heard at the yarn shops.

Superior Thread at 15% Off

After the S&B February Frolic and Thread Bar class we have more calls for Superior brand threads.  Good news – we now have 100 colors of the King Tut quilting thread, 50 colors of the Bottomline bobbin thread, and now 50 colors of the tri-lobal polyester So Fine.  These are indeed ‘superior’ threads – try a few spools and let us know what you think.

You can save 15% off regular price thru February 29th.

It’s all about the Fabric!

No doubt it is a time of turmoil in our nation and our local area as well.  We learn of  changes in stores and families we have all grown to depend on for goods, services, and support.  We thank them and wish them well in their new lives and directions.  Be assured that you can count on us for a large, dependable selection of fabric and supporting products at reasonable prices with convenient hours and assistance by friendly, competent, salespeople.  We thank you for your compliments, your criticism and helpful suggestions, and especially for your purchases throughout our 43 years in Delta.  The headline says it is about the fabric, but it is really about you.

‘Rising Sun’ from Moda

Rising Sun by Sara Khammash

The latest collection of masterpieces from Sara was inspired by the nature and culture of the Southwest with the traditions and history it holds. Experience the awareness of the importance of Mother Earth and her creatures that is held by the Native Americans through prints featuring traditional motifs including woven blankets and rugs, pottery, and Kokopelli silhouettes all in the rich colors of the Southwest.  See all the fabrics here