Dollar Days Sale

Find bargains after we now have the kids back to school and we are wrapping up canning and preserving.  Also fall decorating supplies and fabric are on sale for Fall crafts and Halloween costume supplies.

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Frozen Fabric Is Here


Everything Frozen!  We now have prints in cotton and flannel, including the ‘Sisters’ panel.  Don’t delay, these designs are in short supply.  We will have more styles later in the season but when they are gone, they’re gone.  $7.99 to 11.99 per yard.Frozenfabric








Christmas Tree History Quilt Panel

Xmasquilt1 Xmasquilt2


A new panel ready to assemble and print.  This whole cloth style panel is a beautiful print of historical Christmas trees from around the world.  The beautiful quilting is by Michelle.

Care for your Hummingbirds



A little crowded at your feeder?  Try adding a smaller feeder or clusters of feeders to improve their chances of getting to the nectar.  This prevents the Rufus from chasing away the others and keeps the nectar fresh by making sure all the nectar is drank within 2-3 days.  Use our Instant Nectar mix or concentrate or make your own (1 part sugar (sucrose only, no honey or artificial sweeteners) to 3 parts boiling water.).  Clean your feeder with hot water, a clean brush, and, if needed, a little white vinegar.  DO NOT use detergents or soaps that will leave harmful residues.  Leave uneaten nectar no more than 3 days or empty and clean if you see any residue in the feeder.  Dyes are unnecessary.

Keep feeding until mid September so your birds have plenty of time to ‘drink up’ for their long trip south!  Our line of feeders is unsurpassed in quality and utility and we have all models at great prices.  The Diamond model pictured holds 30 ounces, does well in breezes up to 25 mph, and is easy to clean and fill.