Tartary by Tammy Silvers

tartaryA super simple design that goes a long way!  This lap quilt is the perfect project for any cool-weather season or just plain cool-recipient. It’s all in the color/fabric choices. We even know of this quilt made for someone in the military!  Easy weekend project.   Based on the Stonehenge Gradations by Linda Ludovico for Northcott Fabrics.

Size: 61″ x 73″.

Clubb’s Fabrics Sale

Clubb’s Fabrics has new items and lots of favorites.  Halloween fabrics are in stock.  The Fleece solids are the best quality item we have found and we have them at a great price.  Don’t settle for lower quality, use the best.

Embrace is Shannon Fabric’s edition of the double gauze fabric that has become so popular for baby bedding, apparel, and even adult apparel.

Cuddle 100% Acrylic micro fiber fleece packaged into easy to assemble kits.  Strip blankets and applique blankets are available.


Ringspun Denim has arrived


This Ringspun Denim is made with yarn that will vary slightly in diameter.  This gives the authentic fading characteristics of the original denim blue jean. Made in the USA of 100% cotton in the apparel width of 60 inches.  A tremendous value at only $5 per yard.  Our research found this fabric to be highly coveted for fashion goods and only the highest quality jeans, some selling for as much as $200 a pair.  The modern mills producing popular price jeans and denim wear use yarn made with the ‘open end’ method, giving a very even finish but not the authentic fading.